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guilitine.jpg (22842 bytes)
Guillotine Packing
gasketcutter.jpg (23069 bytes)
Hand Tool
Gasket Cutter
cutterboard2.jpg (13495 bytes)
Gasket Cutting Board
M-3.jpg (15298 bytes)
Vice Mounted
Gasket cutting Machine M-3
m-3 cutterwmotor.jpg (16136 bytes)
Motorized M-3
Gasket Cutting Machine
SM-4 cutter.gif (31136 bytes)
Bench Mounted
Gasket cutting Machine SM-4
maxset.jpg (21814 bytes)
Power Punch
Tool Kit
punch.jpg (18572 bytes)
Power Punch cuts holes in seconds
130punchset.jpg (17523 bytes)
Power Punch
refacer-A.jpg (12069 bytes)
Stuffing Box Refacer
1  2  3
toolkits-B.jpg (28023 bytes)
Packing Removal
Tool Sets
"A"  "B"  "Deluxe"
Packingpullers.jpg (30032 bytes)
Packing Removal
Tools & Tips


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