Common and  special tadpole tapes

Tadpole tapes custom manufactured to a variety of  configurations to meet varied service conditions. Our tadpole tapes are resilient, non-absorbent gasketing tapes formed by wrapping heat-resistant cores with specially treated cover materials. Edges are stitched or cemented together forming the tail structure.

Tadpole tapes provide effective sealing on light metal flanges or where limited bolting force is available. Because of their softness and conformability they are especially suited for applications where closures rest on the packing bulb.

Available in conventional construction for steam service and with core materials of inconel or stainless steel mesh cable:  jackets available with coatings of neoprene, silicone, or with impregnation of PTFE®. 

Tadpole Tapes

Bulb diameters from 3/8" and up

  Conventional - Radial tail                Tangential tail 

  Round - no tail                                            Double tangential tail 

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