Mechanical Seals from Flex-A-Seal, Inc. Flex-A-Seal, Inc.

Flex-A-Seal's diverse product line allows virtually any sealing challenge to be addressed with cost effective, long term solutions. Click on any of the standard designs below for a detailed description.

Style 40: All purpose welded bellows designs.
Style 60: High Temperature welded bellows design.
Style 33/35: Econoseal Cartridges.
Style 50: Rotating Welded Bellows Cartridge with flush.
Style 57: Single Spring Cartridge.
Style 78/79: Dual Tandem Cartridges.
Style 85: Split Cartridge Seals.
Style 23: The External Seal for extreme corrosion.
Sealing Diversity: Flex-A-Seal's diverse mechanical seal options.
Custom Engineered Seals: Seals for tough non-standard applications.
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