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ClipperFoilTM Pump Packing
Reduced Leakage Pump Packing
ClipperGraphTM Valve Packing
Fire-Safe Packing for Fugitive Emission Control

ClipperGraphTM/UnistarTM - C85 Valve and Pump Packing
Fire-Safe Packing for Fugitive Emission Control

ClipperShieldTM Valve Packing
Compliance Packing for VOC and VHAP Applications

ClipperTechTM Valve Packing
Packing for High Temperature, High Pressure Valves

Expansion Joints
For lower life cycle costs in Hot Air and Gas Handling Applications

Extruded Rubber Shapes
Available Cross Sections and Compounds

Gasket Materials
Graphite Products
High Temperature Rope Tape Cloth Tubing
Mechanical Packings
For Rotating and Oscillating Equipment, Hydraulic and Reciprocating Equipment and Valves

Multi-FlangeTM Metallic Gasket
The DynaGraphTM Technology - A Dynamic Sealing System for Flange Leakage and Emission Control

NA-60 Service®
The Economy Champ of Quality Gasket Sheet
Penetration Seals
QuadraGraphTM Flexible Graphite Gasket Material
The world's first innovation in Flexible Graphite Sheet
QuadraLonTM Flexible PTFE Gasket Material
A universal PTFE Sheet for Reduced Bolt Creep
When specifying a PTFE gasket material - go for the GOLD!
Style 1078 WhitetrileTM
New Style 978-C Improved Black Gold

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